About UKStartups.org

For the past 12 years, UKStartups.org has been helping small business owners startup. Are you ready to take the challenge and launch your own small business?

“It's very tough for new tech companies to start-up without much capital, but with your business startup tools and funding directory we were able to accomplish both in little over a month.”

London, England

Who We Are

UKStartups.org is a private organization dedicated to providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with guidance, tools and resources required to start and launch a business in the UK.

We believe that time is precious and thus should be spent on taking real measures toward the development of your business; rather than searching for answers to your small business questions. We take pride in providing British entrepreneurs with important tips, tools, and references spanning all business stages from ideation and creation, to business planning and funding. From start to finish, we are by your side to help you achieve your dreams of successfully starting your very own business.

UKStatups' Startup Portal is the central hub for creating, evolving and managing a small business startup

What We Do

Simply put, UKStartups.org helps small business owners and entrepreneurs set up and launch their business

By following a process outlines in the Small Business Startup Portal you receive as a member, you will have the step by step guidance needed to do exactly that - Launch your small business in 30 days.

With tools and resources such as the Business Plan Builder, the Investor PitchDeck and the Funding Database you will have exactly what you need to get started and launch.

Don't hesitate any longer and get started with your small business now and take advantage of our on-site Small Business and Funding Experts.

See Some Success Stories

View these success stories of small business owners who started off just like you.

2018 Government Funding
2018 Government Funding Success Story Interview
Leeds, England

"A business plan is the key to a successful business as well as the way to get government funding" - Read my story

Cambridge Tech Company Gets Funding
Interview with a £65,485 Government Grant Recipient from Cambridge
Cambridge, East England

"Perfect your business plan as it's in my option the number one thing small businesses need in order to attract and impress a funding agency" - Read my story

cleaning company monitoring technology
£17,500 Small Business Loan for Birmingham Startup
Birmingham, West Midlands

"If you have a business idea, don't wait - get your business plan made, ask for help and start your funding search early!" - Read my story

government grant for cleaning business in Bangor, Wales
£30,250 Government Grant Helped Me Start My Business
Bangor, Wales
"We were denied funding and we could have given up so many times. But we didn't. The important part is not to give up and keep gong. Get a support team to help you" - Read my story
Toronto Retailer Gets Government Loan
£470,000 Low Interest Government Loan For City of London Retailer
City of London, England
"Banks said no to due to my poor credit and business inexperience, but the government funding programme had a different reaction to my well developed business plan" - Read my story
doggy day care
£21,315 Government Provided Loan For Doggy Day Care Business
Nottingham, East Midlands
"No matter your situation, if your plan is to start a small business - don't give up. Use tools and resources that are available all around you and don't be scare of a small investment" - Read my story
Birmingham business starts up with government grant
Birmingham, West Midlands Small Business Starts Up With £75,000 Government Grant
Birmingham, West Midlands
"If you believe in your business don't let anybody stand in the way. True passion will get you far, but knowing that the government can help you get funded helps a lot." - Read my story