The Complete Guide to Starting Your Small Business

Starting a small business? Don't know where to start? Don't worry, the Small Business Startup Guide and the Startup Timeline are tools made just for you. 

Let us take you through the process of starting your own small business, building your business plan and help you search for funding. We provide you the tools you need to succeed with simple to follow steps through the entire process. You will get access to our expert developed business startup tools and the assistance your business needs. The tools such as the Business Plan Builder Tool, Investor PitchDeck and the Funding Database are all you will need to succeed. 

And if that isn't enough and you just need that extra push or support, you can rest assured that our members only services and experts will help you succeed.


Our Small Business Startup Guide and Timeline will help you right from the start. From the moment you decide on your business idea, the type of business license you need and all the way through the business plan creation process, the search for government or private funding and to the launch of your small business, our guide and timeline will be there helping you.


If applicable to your business, our Investor PitchDeck is available to help you create your own small business presentation (a pitchdeck). This presentation can be used to promote your small business idea to potential investors similar to shows like Shark Tank or Dragons Den. The PitchDeck presentation tool is self explanatory and ready to use.


Oh no a business plan! No need to stress about writing your business plan from scratch when you have access to our Business Plan Builder Tool. With our tool you are given access to the plan creator, allowing you to make your own business plan in little to no time with simple to follow, fill in the blanks style steps all while you watch your business plan score improve.


If you need funding for your small business, no better tool to use but our Funding Database. With over 1,500 sources of funding programmes available from both government agencies and private investors, you can use our Startup Guide and Timeline to guide you through the process of searching and applying for funding. 

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Start your small business, create your business plan and search for funding with our help!

The Small Business Startup Guide

Small Business Startup Guide

As a member of you instantly get access to the Small Business Startup Guide. Our startup guide contains nearly 100 pages of startup assistance as it guides you though the entire process of starting a small business, creating your business plan and through the search for funding. The guide is an in-depth, comprehensive tool to use to successfully startup and launch your business.

The Startup Guide is broken down in simple, easy to follow steps that help you through each of the 3 main steps of starting your small business: The Initial Startup Phase, Business Planning Phase and the Funding Phase. Along with your Startup Guide you are provides access to the Startup Timeline, an interactive tool to help you complete each of the steps needed to successfully do the above mentioned tasks.

The process is simple. Read the guide, use the interactive Timeline and take advantage of the tools provided.

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The Startup Timeline

Once you've read the Small Business Startup Guide you can take advantage of the interactive startup timeline. 

The interactive Startup Timeline was created by industry experts with hopes that the average entrepreneur is able to use and follow the step by step process to starting a business, creating a business plan and through the search for funding, all in hopes to simplify the process and launching a successful business. The timeline is available to all members of UKStartups and provides you with reading material, tasks for each step as well as resources where needed. 

All of the tools that are available with your membership tot he Startup Portal are also integrated within the timeline for further simplification and easy of use. The timeline is truly one tool that all entrepreneurs should take advantage of as it provides expert guidance in a step by step process to achieving your business goals.

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The Small Business Startup TImeline

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Start your small business, create your business plan and search for funding with our help!

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