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As a registered member of our Small Business Startup Portal, not only are you getting access to the top tools and resources needed to help you startup, to develop your business plan and to search for funding, but you are also getting access to a dedicated support team of small business experts who are there to help you every step of the way.

Have a question, don't keep it to yourself. Get our help using our Live Chat, Support Ticket System and though Ask an Expert Program at any time!

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Ask an Expert Program

Got a question only an expert can answer? Get your answer by using the Ask-An-Expert feature in the Startup Portal. Submit your questions about your business, your plan or your funding needs and have them answered by one of our professional small business consultants.

The Experts can provide you with the confidence and support you need to overcome a variety of the obstacles you may come across while launching your small business. Startup Portal members are entitled to consult our Experts at no additional charge and can benefit from these below mentioned services..

Business Plan Review Service!

You’ve completed your Business Plan with or without our Business Plan Builder Tool and are ready to start submitting to potential investors and funding programs; but how do you know you haven’t missed any important information that could stand between you and the funding you need? 

Have an expert review your plan and provide personalized feedback. Feel confident and qualified when submitting your applications for funding or presenting your plan to potential investors.

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Personalized Funding Search Assistance

Maximize your funding opportunities with the help of a personalized report based on your business’ particular funding needs. Perhaps you’re having a difficult time finding schemes in your area or industry; or maybe you’ve found schemes but want to be sure you’re not missing any golden eggs.

Using information provided by you, our experts can conduct their own research and find funding schemes that may answer your particular business needs.

Funding Application Review Service

With over 1,000 funding sources including government funding schemes and private investors available in the Funding Database, applying for funding shouldn't be a difficult process. The Funding Database and the funding search tool makes it very easy for you to search through all available schemes and investors to find the ones that may be right for your small business.

After you've had a chance to try the funding applications or if you've completed them; the next step is to use the funding application review service though our Ask an Expert Program to have one of our dedicated funding experts review your applications before you send them off. It doesn't take long but it could mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to getting funding.

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Take advantage of the Small Business Help Team

The Small Business Startup Portal is the solution you were looking for to helping you startup, to create your business plan, to locate available funding and to interact with a business team dedicated to ensuring your success.

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