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"It's very tough for new tech companies to startup without capital, but with your business startup tools & funding database we were able to accomplish both in little over a month with no issues at all."

- London, England

"To make my dream a reality I needed a business plan, a way to get funding & really needed guidance without spending a fortune. You guys did exactly that for me in no time."

- Bristol, England

"No need to hire expensive accountants, lawyers or business professionals to get it all done for us when makes it simple, easy and shows us funding options."

- Manchester, England

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of, and access the Startup Portal?

To become a registered member of, simply click the here or on any of the  "Get my Access Now" buttons throughout the site. You will be taken to a secure checkout page where you will be prompted to provide your name, billing and credit card or Paypal information. Upon the receipt of your payment, a username and password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided us, within 24 hours (you will usually receive your login details within 3-5 minutes, however please allow up to 24 hours to receive this information in your email).

What is included in my membership fee?

Once you are a registered member of you will have access to the Startup Portal. Using your login details, you will be able to:

  • follow the Step by Step Business Startup Guide;
  • use the Interactive Business Plan Builder;
  • begin creating your Investor PitchDeck;
  • access the Funding Database of government and private funding programmes;
  • browse, customize and print over 1,500 business documents and templates;
  • use the Whiteboard tool
  • complete your personalized To-Do lists
  • open support tickets for help with the Portal
  • browse small business articles
  • see funding recipients in your area
  • complete the Startup Tasks Timeline
  • request a business plan review service
  • request a personalized funding report
  • request for your funding applications to be reviewed
  • ask our experts any business related question

The membership fee is a one-time fee which covers your access to the Startup Database and administrative fees. There are no additional fees associated with the Startup Portal once you've paid for your membership.

How do I pay for my membership so I can get started?

To pay for your membership, click "Get my Access Now" to go to the payment page. You may use a credit card or Paypal to make your payment.

Can you provide consulting for my startup business? prides itself on providing a comprehensive product. Our small business tools and guidance are applicable to all business types and industry, it is up to you to customize them to suit your particular product/needs. We provide  assistance for the tools and resources within the Startup Portal as well as advice or answers to your questions about how to start your business. We do not provide any assistance with regards to business planning and strategizing; and we do not directly offer any funding. That said, we are happy to help when we can, so please ask. We will gladly answer those questions for which we have answers, or direct you to whomever may be able to help. On top of that we do offer our members what we call the "extra services" where we can help review your business plan, review your funding applications and answer any business related questions.

Can you guarantee that my business will succeed?

As every small business idea is different and hundreds of factors are at play when it comes to the success of a small business, we are not able to guarantee your success. However, using the tools and resources provided to you will greatly increase your chances of success by ensuring your business completes all the required steps to properly launch.

How quickly can I launch my business?

The Startup Guide provides you with a timeline for the tasks you must complete in order to launch your business (from registering your business to securing funding and everything in between). How quickly you complete these steps will depend on how much time you are able to dedicate to starting your business; and which (if any) steps you've already completed for your startup.

Will I need any other tools and/or resources aside from the ones you provide?

Within the Startup Portal, you will have access to all of the tools generally needed by small businesses to get started, along with some additional tools that can be helpful to entrepreneurs when launching their business. If your idea is very niche, there may be some specific tools or documents which you may require that are not included in the Portal. If there is a tool you require that you'd like help acquiring, contact us and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction.

What do you NOT provide me? provides you with a step by step guide to starting your own small business, along with all of  the above tools which are used to help you plan, start, find funding and get you ready to launch. We provide you with the products and services offered along with your membership, as well as any support/assistance you may require for these tools. We cannot provide you with a business idea; we cannot register your business for you; we cannot start the business for you; we do not provide advice or recommendations; and we do not directly provide any funding.

Still have question? Contact us by calling 0203 1370 268 or fill out the contact us form here.

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